Why Hire A Manufactured Home Setup Contractor?

Are you thinking of installing your manufactured home yourself? Think again! The process may seem simple but when it comes to the technicalities related to regulations, foundations, supports, and tie-downs – it calls for the experts.

Here are 4 simple reasons to hire a manufactured home setup contractor to do the job for you:

Lifespan and Condition

People may take it lightly but the fact that proper installation of your manufactured home is crucial for it long term life and health remains undeterred. Unstable support piers or uneven footing pads can wreck havoc on your newly purchased home.

The Damage

If not properly installed you are likely to experience warps, leaks, bowing, and other damage to the structure of your manufactured home. It wouldn’t matter how much you spent on A-grade shingles or window frames because the cost of repairs will far surpass the costs of installation.

The Complaints

Manufacturers and home repairers reveal that a majority of poor reviews and complaints about home design and manufacturing are actually the repercussions of improper installation. Home owners who do not give importance to proper setup often end up complaining about their homes getting dilapidated even before their expected lifespan lapses.

Experts Know What They’re Doing

Manufactured home setups have to follow regulations and stipulations laid down by the State. Professional manufactured home setup contractors are aware of these regulations and bound to follow them. They also have expert knowledge of locations, ground/soil types, and even an idea of what strategy would work in a particular situation. Hence it’s better to let them handle the job.

If you’re located in Southern California and actively searching for a manufactured home setup contractor, call us at 714-353-1360 or email us at jerry@manufacturedhomeinspection.com. We at Manufactured Home Inspection Inc. will ensure your manufactured home get the best installation possible that too at unbeatable prices.


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