All You Need to Know About Site Preparation of Manufactured Homes

Getting the home set up professionally and proper site preparation is essential for the longevity and the construction quality of your manufactured home/mobile home. The site is prepared before the setting up of manufactured home. Even if you are installing the mobile home at your own plot, it is important that you get in touch with a manufactured home dealer.

Here is what you need to know about the site preparation of manufactured homes:

  1. Accessibility to the Transportation Truck

The large truck transporting the manufactured home should be able to reach the site without encountering any hurdles on the way.

  1. Levelling the Site

The site must be leveled. There shouldn’t be any trees, gigantic boulders, brooks or other debris nearby.

  1. Graded Surface

The surrounding area around the manufactured home site must be graded in a way that it is inclined enough to prevent water from standing.

  1. Compact the soil

The areas that are filled with soil have to be compacted well enough for the foundation so that it does not shift or sink in the soil. All home setup work prior to the construction of foundation should be tackled only by professionals.

  1. Getting the Foundation Laid

The foundation, according to the plan of the house, must be prepared properly. Ensure that everything conforms to the local building codes and manufacturer’s specifications. Any professional manufactured home dealer will let you know that the key to a rock solid mobile home is the foundation.

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